You long to have a deep, satisfying relationship with a great man.

What’s in the way?  You’ve had a long stretch of pain, frustration, loneliness, and a fear that you may not ever get it figured out.  And that can mess with your ability to go for it again.  (By the way, this is true even if you’re in a relationship with a man right now, isn’t it?)

I know your story. Yeah, some parts are your own, and different than my story, but the basic issues?  I’d been there, and more times than I’d like to think.

It took me years, and lots of trial and error, but I figured it out.  Craig and I just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary, and our marriage is our haven (and heaven!).

I want to make sure you don’t need to take as long as I did to have that kind of love in your life.

(But really…who teaches us this stuff – this incredibly important stuff! – when we’re growing up?  No one!  We learn from what our parents modeled, and do that…)


Not sure about yours, but my parents were not the best teachers for how to end up happily married!

What you’ll find here is simple and powerful:

compassionate guidance to understanding men, and what brings out the best in them.

help being more of your best self, so your relationships (and your life) are more and more a reflection of your most authentic self, and your deepest desires.

help steering away from situations that could lead you to more heartache.

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