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Involved with Someone Special?

You have come to the right place if you:

bulletHave a hard time trusting yourself (easy to get to!);
bulletDon't know how to deepen the relationship (no problem!);
bulletAre nervous about compromising yourself (no more!);
bulletFear the commitment of marriage (that's over!);
bulletSee your old patterns have appeared (again) (this is fixable!);
bulletKnow he's NOT the one, and you don't know how to end it (no sweat!).

We've helped hundreds of women with these issues, and here are the ways we do that (please select a highlighted item to be taken to that section immediately):

Special Events
Resources (links to websites, recommended reading, other goodies)


Coaching Programs

With the help of a coach, you can:

Trust your ability to choose, and commit to, a man;
Learn negative patterns, so that you don't repeat them;
Understand how to grow a relationship successfully;
Have the courage to do what is right for you;
Feel supported, celebrated, uplifted, motivated, and courageous;
Have the confidence and trust that you can have what you want!

To find out whether coaching is right for you, and to see whether or not there is a good fit between us, please email me to schedule a complimentary "Getting Acquainted" 30 minute call: karen@theheartmatters.com.

Individual Work

Individual coaching (over a short or extended period of time), may be your best option if you want one-on-one, personalized attention and guidance.  Our work is done over the phone and through email, and is scheduled based on your needs: weekly, bi-weekly or any other schedule that serves you best. 

30 minute session - Sign Up Now


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    What women are saying about their work with Karen:


"You don't allow women to 'play small',
'sell themselves out' or 'quit'."
~ Jody, dating


"I have replaced all the negative chatter in my head
with my new mantra...thank you for allowing me to see
that I am worthy of so many wonderful things."
Kerry, married



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Do you have a relationship dream?  Karen Jones can help. 
Call: (978) 557-9993 or email: karen@theheartmatters.com

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