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I love this picture of Craig and me,
taken in one of our favorite places:
Newburyport, MA


Hi, there!            

So glad you stopped here to check me out a little.  I know the choices these days when you're wanting relationship help are bountiful...way more than when I got started, back in 1997!

I'm passionate about women having scrumptious relationships with men.

Whether it's:

bulletsingle women who aren't managing to get where they want to go,
bulletwomen who're dating a man seriously and are either wanting to marry him, or figure out whether he's "the one", or
bulletmarried women who know they want to take their relationship to a deeper intimacy...

...that's what I've spent the last 16+ years helping women have in their lives.

Why should you listen to me?

After many years of my own relationship lessons (one failed marriage, numerous other relationships - some good, most way NOT good, but all powerful teachers - and finally in the marriage of my dreams), I've learned some very powerful life lessons. 

Here's a partial list:

h Everyone's always doing the very best they're capable of, in the moment - even if it's not really their best;
h Whatever you see in someone else (whether you like it or not) is a reflection of some aspect of you;
h We cannot give what we do not have (love, acceptance, trust, etc.);
h We cannot receive what we do not already have (same as above);
h Empathy is critical to the success of a relationship;
h In the absence of hard facts, always assume the best intention;
h No matter what's going on outside of you, what you're really working on is yourself;
h If you cannot forgive, you will not be successful in a relationship;
h Intimate relationships are our most powerful teachers for learning about being our highest and best selves as women;
h To love and trust is our natural birthright, and everyone has the ability to experience both.

I have a huge amount of compassion for people's humanity, and what happens as everyone works on trying to be happy. 

For so many people, that's a hard road to travel, because it stirs up all the "I don't really deserve it" feelings.  For lots of others, it's just so foreign to the lifestyle and choices they've made, their path is not clear. 

I am always moved by the courage it takes to go after your heart's desires.

Here's what you can count on from me, whether you work with me individually, in a group, read one of my books, or participate in a seminar or class:

Compassion and acceptance
Dedication to your success
An in-depth understanding of men
Knowledge of what works in relationship

In this time we live in, it can be a challenge to develop our deepest, truest selves; the part of us that is loving, intuitive, and as I call it, "undefended". 

With the right encouragement, support and partnership, that way of "BE"ing is possible, and is, in my opinion (and personal experience) the only way we can manifest the right relationship - and life - for us.

It would be my honor to be of assistance on your path...wherever on that path you may now be. 

By the way, I always welcome feedback and suggestions, so if you have any comments, please email me: karen@theheartmatters.com.  Also, things get added and changed all the time, so please "drop by" on a regular basis.

Wishing you the relationship of your dreams,

Karen Jones

What women are saying about their work with Karen:


"Karen is incredibly intuitive.  She is dedicated to making relationships work. 
I have done two seminars with her,
and both have impacted my life immeasurably."
~ Tracie (now married)



"This has changed my life.  Money extremely well-spent. 
A "must have" for anyone who is single and looking for
their right lifetime mate."
~ Denise (now married to the man of her dreams)



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Do you have a relationship dream?  Karen Jones can help. 
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