Meet Karen

Hey, there!

Thank you for stopping by…

It makes me so happy to have you here, I feel like dancing!


So, now that you’re here, let me guess why:

You’re a wonderful, smart, successful woman, and you’ve made a lot of amazing things happen in your life.

Except for in that one area you’ve tried so hard to figure out:


So you’re here, feeling confused, or frustrated, or angry, or sad…

…or worse – maybe even ready to quit.

I know that place.

I was there.  For years.

I kept doing whatever I thought would work (most of them you’ve probably tried, too – and so you know, like I learned, that they don’t work).  I kept ending up in the same place.

There’s a name for that situation: “Same man, different haircut”.  Yeah, even my first marriage was exactly that…

It hurt.

The idea that I could end up living the rest of my life never being able to fully give – and receive – the love I longed to experience was so painful and so scary.

I kept expecting that things would just work out, and that was not how it was turning out for me.  (You know exactly what I mean, don’t you?)

And what started off as hitting my point of:

“I’ve HAD it!  Enough, already!”

…and seriously committing to doing anything and everything I could to figure out “how not to get divorced again” (my big, lofty goal back in 1990), quickly turned into my passion and my mission in life.

I threw myself into a journey of discovery that has been absolutely incredible.

In fact, using everything I learned, I met and, in 1994, married Craig Jones (isn’t he just delicious?).  I get to live my vision of a scrumptious relationship…every day…with this man who is a divine fit for me.

me&cjcolorAnd here’s what I know:  if I could do it, so can you.

And I want that for you!

It is my life’s purpose to help women – like you – to have that relationship that feels like home.  The safest, yummiest place on earth…for both you and your sweetheart.

I am so grateful that I get to help women have scrumptious relationships with men.  How lucky am I?

There is a proven path to the relationship you want…and if you follow it, you’ll be able to experience more love, more satisfaction, and more joy in your life.

I’d love to provide you with the shortcuts and the help you need, so you can get there sooner, with less pain and more fun.  I want you to be able to take advantage of my long, painful learning curve, so yours is easier.

If you’re ready, I’d be honored to help.  Email me, and we’ll talk:

With love,


Scrumptious Relationships

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