The 14-day Booster Program

You want to have the best year…ever – of course!

And you started off the year with great enthusiasm and focus.

And now some time has passed, and you’re not feelin’ it like you were on January 1st.

Welcome to the majority of humanity!

I am here to tell you that, no matter what your history has been with starting a brand new year filled with great intentions and big dreams – only to have all of that initial enthusiasm fizzle out faster than the champagne bubbles on New Year’s Eve, you can always get back on that horse, and have this year start off in a way that supports your success beautifully.

“How?” you ask?

By having support, accountability, focus, clarity, simplicity – and reward! – be built in right at the start of the year.

Imagine being part of a great group of women, where each of you has declared what you want for your life in the coming year, where you connect with your dreams and also theirs, where you create a pool of energy that you can each tap into, when you need it most…

Imagine also having a coach (that would be me!) who has supported hundreds of women to achieve things they didn’t know how to have (or thought they were incapable of having) being part of your experience…where you take daily action that gets you closer and closer to being/doing/having what you want.

Your dreams are achievable.

It does take commitment and action on your part, and when you do that in a supportive, compassionate and effective place, you thrive.

What is it that you want to create in your life?

  • a relationship with a great man
  • more intimacy and connection with your great man
  • exquisite self-care (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – whatever it means to you)
  • financial integrity
  • more fun and play with friends
  • improved family life
  • loving your home
  • or anything else you really want…

The good news?

Every single thing you want has predictable steps that lead to its manifestation.

Join us for this 14-day adventure, and

Boost Your Way to a Fabulous 2018!

What you’ll get from this 14-day Booster program:

Guidance so you don’t fall back to any old habits.

Accountability so you’re more likely to stay on course, and feel successful at the end.

Community so that you’re not walking this path alone – you’ll be in the company of other great women!

Acknowledgment so that you celebrate every step of the way, and stay motivated and on track.

Fun, because it’s not worth doing if it ain’t fun!

The program consists of three (3) one-hour group calls: one to get the party started, one in the middle to keep everyone strong and on track, and the last one to celebrate everyone’s successes.

Included in the program:

  • Three one-hour group calls
  • A daily message from me to inspire/motivate/make you laugh
  • Email access to me during the program

The details:

Cost: $39

Call dates (all Mondays): Jan. 22nd, 29th and February 5th

Time of calls: 8:30 to 9:30p (ET). Each call is recorded in case you have to miss any.

You deserve to get a Boost into a glorious 2018, living your dreams!





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