He’s Helping and She’s Taking it Personally

This issue of "Scrumptious Relationships" is inspired by this question, sent in by Susan: “How can I learn not get defensive and angry when my fiancé tells me what to do, and how to do it? He’s very intelligent, an engineer by education, also younger than me. I know...

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Is Your Inner Perfectionist Kicking HIS Ass, Too?

Most of us gals have an inner critic/perfectionist, and we hear all the chatter about what's not good enough, etc., all the time. This week's video is about when that part of you turns on your man, and lets him have the same running dialogue about where he's failing....

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How Being Thankful Works (Like Magic!)

We're just about to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S., but no matter where you are, how about putting some attention on the ways that the men in your life have given to you, and let that fill you (all) up!

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