What Men Want

Want (More of) Men’s Greatness? Here’s how!

Do you really want more intimacy, connection and closeness with men? Want to experience more of men's greatness? Be a safe place for that to happen (which means you stop letting your inner Cavewoman choose the men you'll be with).

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Make Sure Your Efforts (and his!) Are ‘Landing’

If you're like most people, you have a particular way that you most feel loved, whether it's verbal expressions, or time together, etc. The amount of love that's being expressed in relationships - and NOT landing for the other - is astounding. This video will help...

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Which Type of Mirror are You?

In this week's video, I talk about the importance of knowing the harm that's caused if you're not your man's biggest fan (or at the very least, not his worst critic). It's hard to look at, and so important to see if this applies to you!

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