Freedom to be Your Best Self

One day that can set you free!

Hey, we all have crap that’s in the way of our authentic, free, inspired self-expression, don’t we?  (It just means that we’re human!)

But there are things that we can do that’ll not only turn things around in the moment, but that can shift things so that they don’t quite happen in the same old (paralyzing?) way again.

This day is only for women who’ve worked with me before, so please – although we do love to share groovy stuff with our friends- this workshop is only for “my gals”.

“It was the best weight loss program I’ve been on in a while!!  I was soooo much lighter when I left there!  Thank you so VERY much!!” – Vicki, MA

So, what’s gonna happen?

We’re going to play with different techniques that are very powerful tools to set us free when we are in the grip of old beliefs, fears, attitudes, etc.

Some of you have played with some of these before.  For you, it’s taking it even deeper.  Some of you will learn about these techniques for the first time, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly things shift!

We’ll work with EFT, The Sedona Method, as well as some other goodies to put into your toolkit that will help you when those old sabotaging rascals show up to derail you!

Zero prior experience is required with any of these techniques or ideas.  If you want to feel freed up to be more of your BEST SELF, this day is just what the doctor ordered!

The details:


In addition, there’s a one-hour group follow-up call approximately one week later, to deepen everyone’s incorporation of the work we’ve done together.  That call will be scheduled with the women who are part of the workshop.

This event is limited to a small number of women, so everyone gets maximum attention. 

Coffee and snacks will be provided.  Please bring your lunch.

Location: TBA (details provided when you register)

Fee: $120

To register, [click here].

I am excited for this day of freedom and authentic self-expression!  (Oh, and so is that man who is in your life – either now, or in your future!)










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