From the Cave to the Condo

Do you feel like you’re just “surviving” in your relationships with the opposite sex?

No matter what you try to do, does it seem like nothing works the way you hope it will?

Maybe you’ve experienced a time (or two!) when…

  • You felt confused, frustrated, or hurt?
  • You reacted or acted out in ways that hurt your relationships (and you couldn’t seem to stop yourself)?
  • No matter how many times you tried to connect, you couldn’t seem to get there?
  • Your motives were misunderstood?

In all my previous relationships, the above described what I experienced (and my exes would all say the same thing).  I knew I wanted to have (as I call them) a scrumptious relationship, but wow, I was getting everything but that!

Since 1990, I’ve been on a mission to learn everything I could to figure out how to have what I wanted.  That mission quickly turned into my life’s purpose: to help men and women have the relationships that they really want – and deserve – to have…with the fewest obstacles and in the shortest amount of time possible.

Craig and I have been together since 1992, married since 1994, and I’d say that the quality of our relationship is the thing I am proudest of in my life.  And it thrills me that my fabulous, brilliant, compassionate, wise, kind, powerful, insightful, and hilarious husband is partnering with me to deliver this amazing workshop to you.

“From the Cave to the Condo workshop was an outstanding experience! We truly appreciated the safe, intimate setting to explore our relationship and deepen our communication, while developing new and improved relationship strategies to help us live an even fuller, happier life together. We especially benefitted from a better understanding of instinctual responses, and were able to immediately implement what we learned at the workshop.

Karen and Craig are remarkable facilitators. They kept us engaged throughout the day with fun activities and conversations; we laughed and learned the entire time. They especially helped all of us keep a good sense of humor and compassion for the relationship journey. The whole day was powerful and empowering – if you want to keep your love lasting, take this workshop!”C & A (happily married for 30 years)

“We uncovered unexpected gems to help us deepen our connection.” – Lisa, MA

The workshop was amazing even for those who see themselves as informed and self aware.  I enjoyed it.” – Bruce, MA

A thriving partnership with the opposite sex is possible, and Craig and I want to help you have that.

The relationship you want is within reach…

“Karen provides an enlightening perspective on the differences between men and women. She clearly has vast experience in this field, brings it with great humor, and has an amazing ability to engage the participants in a way that has everyone relax and open up to new possibilities.”David Horobin, CA

Imagine being able to…

  • Create a future you want
  • Understand the other sex (it is absolutely possible!), which would enhance your ability to win in life
  • Embrace differences and have more peace, partnership – and fun! – with each other

“Engaging, fun and informative workshop that created a great space for understanding our relationship better, and learn how to communicate more effectively and productively.” – Bill, MA

“The topics that Karen and Craig teach in this workshop could heal the world.  It’s that powerful.”Hannah, VT

If you’re ready to join other men and women who are ready to move from surviving to thriving in all their relationships with each other…

…men and women who want to tap into the power that’s available when they really let each other in

“This was amazing. To be present with men as they puzzled through and learned about us gave me new respect for what it is to go through life as a testosterone-based being, and now I have so much more empathy and respect for the men in my life…”Jane, MA

…then please join us for:

“Learning to change my  perception took the negativity out of our interactions and allowed me to have compassion for my husband. Changing the story made room for love and laughter and understanding. I am walking away with simple key concepts that will strengthen our marriage.  Thank you!” – Julianne, NY

A one-day experiential workshop for single or coupled men and women who want more – from each other, and from life.

“This workshop was very helpful to get us talking and considering each other’s point of view. Valuable info and suggestions for improving our relationship we will definitely use.” – Donna, MA

“Karen and Craig provide a rare and honest perspective on relationships that continually feels like it comes from the heart and real life experiences, and is delivered in an extremely impactful way.” – Julie, MA

“A great journey for personal growth to improve all relationships.”Lisa, MA

Next dates (we start at 9:30 and go until 5:30):

  • Sunday, November 17th (location TBD)

“This workshop truly gave me a deeper perspective on myself, my own fears and anxiety, and on the men in my life and their challenges in relationships.”Maryellen, MA

To register as a couple ($225), [click here]

To register as a single person ($125), [click here]

From the Cave to the Condo is a one-day experience designed to help you improve the relationships you care about.

If you want more than you’re currently experiencing in your relationships, then you’ll want to be there.

“After attending the workshop, I became more aware of how to partner with men rather than compete with or defy them. This significantly improved my relationship with my brother and with my boss. What Karen teaches regarding relationships is insightful, doable and powerful.”Tania, MA

(And if you’re feeling like your relationships are really good already, imagine how much better they could be!)

“This is a must-have for couples who want to deepen or heal their relationships.” – Paula, MA

“This workshop was very useful for drilling down to to core issues and mutually and respectfully co-designing new practices that lead to a more fulfilling marriage. Thank you.” – Nancy, MA

“An eye-opening experience” – Colin, MA

This day has been designed to help you:

  • Demystify and more deeply understand the other sex
  • Get effective tools for succeeding in your relationships
  • Feel understood, respected, and appreciated by the other sex
  • Create realistic expectations that support a future aligned with what you want
  • Step into a powerful story of your life and what is possible
  • Have more fun with each other

Imagine More Ease, More Peace and More Appreciation in Your Relationships

“Karen and Craig are terrific.  I highly recommend their workshop to any couple.” – Rob, MA

“This has helped me to be a better man and partner.”Max, NH

If you’re ready to…

  • Create better relationships and partnerships
  • Discover new possibilities
  • Release perceptions that don’t work
  • Take charge of your experience
  • Commit to being in a spectacular relationship

Then join us!

“Karen and Craig are great examples of how you can go from Cave to Condo and make it last.” – AnnMarie, MA

“Craig and Karen have a marvelous relationship that inspires us to do more. They bring a good deal of insight to how to make it work.” – Kris, MA

“You were both so loving and compassionate. Thank you!”Meghan, NH

To register as a couple, [click here]

To register as a single, [click here]

“Being two people who have done a lot of this type of work together still have some pretty significant results was great.” – Sarah, MA

Craig and I look forward to sharing an incredibly powerful experience with you!


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