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Attention Single Gals:
Want to enjoy the success you know is possible with online dating?

Launch Your Best Self Forward

Expert Help in Creating Your WOW Online Dating Presence

Did you know that in any given month, there are over 20 million people on a dating site?  And that, to date, over 40 million people have tried it?  How about that estimates are that approximately 30% of relationships are the result of online dating?

So, it’s clearly a smart, and effective, thing to do.  No doubt you’ve personally heard many stories of people having met, and married, someone they met online.


…it’s only effective if you do it well.

(Unless you look like a model, in which case it wouldn’t matter one teeny weeny bit if you had great photos, or had written a particularly good essay. If you’re in the majority of the population, though, you have to do a really great job with your online profile to get the results you want…and that you deserve!)

It is critical to your success with online dating that you have three things in place (these aren’t in any order, because each one is essential):

  • you need to be absolutely clear what you need in a man and in a relationship, in order to be able to choose him;
  • your photos have got to be fabulous (and nothing short of fabulous – unless, again, you look like a model);
  • the essay you write has to be able to grab a man’s attention very quickly, and invites him to reach out to you.

Jeez…that’s a lot, right?

Yep, it is.

But the difference it makes to do it right, versus how poorly many people go about it (way too many, actually) is huge!

How about having a couple of highly experienced professionals on your team…

…people whose only job is to help you put the very best you out there, and maximize what’s possible for you with online dating?

Jon Fischer is a gifted photographer.  One of his specialties (and favorite things to do) is creating dating profile pictures that bring forth not only your outer beauty, but (just as important!) your inner beauty, too.  More than one client has told me that a photo shoot with Jon has been one of the best experiences of their life!

Karen Jones (that would be me!).  I’ve been helping women have the best possible experience with online dating for years. I do this by making sure that your profile represents your yummiest self, attracts attention, and speaks to the right type of men for you.  No blending into a sea of boring profiles for you!

If you really want to have a scrumptious relationship with a great man for you, isn’t it worth doing whatever you can, so that you can connect with men who have the potential to be your guy?

We believe that online dating is an incredibly effective way to meet the most numbers of men, and have the best possible chance of meeting someone who’d be a divine fit for you.

We would love to help you enjoy the best possible experience with your online dating adventure, and to maximize the potential that it offers.

The details:

The photo shoot happens at Jon’s studio in Waltham.  Plan on being with him for a couple of hours.  He typically only works during the week, but for this specific offer, he has one weekend available: Saturday and Sunday, April 15th and 16th, in addition to his regular openings during the week.

The profile work will happen with me (Karen), and will be done over the phone.  Plan on a few sessions to get it done right, and we will schedule them based on what works for both of us.

The fee:  $249 if paid in full, or two equal payments (30 days apart) of $125

Pay in Full

Payment Plan



Once you’ve signed up, we’ll contact you to Launch Your Best Self Forward!

Wishing you great love in your life,




P.S.  Online dating is a smart and effective thing to do – IF you do it right.  We are excited to help you do just that!


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