The Love Mastery Program

How to Have the Love You Really, Really Want

(And stop creating the same old painful results with men!)

Welcome, my love-seeking friend!

Wanna know the things that most commonly mess with a woman’s ability to attract, nurture and enjoy the kind of love she wants?

Here are the culprits:

  • Lack of self-confidence/esteem, which has far-reaching, negative consequences in all parts of your life, from how you take care of yourself, to who you have relationships with, to how you spend your precious life force
  • Not knowing what your values, priorities and/or vision are for your life, so your decisions are not grounded in your deepest truth, and can get influenced by other people’s priorities very easily
  • Although you want a relationship with a man, your attitudes about men…well, let me just say it: suck.  And guess what that attracts?  Men who fuel those negative expectations!
  • Not really understanding who men are, and not knowing how to relate with a man in a way that causes the relationship to grow, but, instead, acting out what you learned (by example) growing up.  I don’t know too many women who want to have a replica of her parent’s relationship.  And yet, behaving that same way will create just that.

It kills me that so many gorgeous, fabulous, smart, funny, loving women are out there without the love they so badly want to have.

So, after so many years of working with women 1-on-1, or doing workshops and shorter-term programs, I have put together one comprehensive program that tackles all of the most common trouble areas, so that women can end up in the kind of relationships they really want.

And to steer clear of what’s been causing so much pain in the past.

(Imagine how good this will feel!)

What does this groovy program look like?

The Love Mastery Program is made up of three stand-alone modules:

Module One: Man Mastery

Here is where you get to discover who men really are; what motivates them and brings out their best.  You’ll learn what makes them respond to you in the way that you want.  And you will get to uncover all the ways your own beliefs and attitudes about men have been messin’ with you, big time.

You’ll also get to learn about men from men directly, through not one, but two different sessions with a live panel of men, ready to answer your questions honestly, and from the heart.

Module Two: Personal Mastery

This is where you will deeply connect with who you really are, and what needs to be in your life so that you are happy and fulfilled.

It’s also where you get to dive into all the things that are interfering with you being able to be your best self – for yourself, and out in the world, and then coming up with a plan to get past those things that have been holding you back.

Module Three: Relationship Mastery

Now that you’ve got the personal and the man mastery modules under your belt, you’re ready to put it all together and learn how to build, grow and nurture the kind of relationship you really want (and that your man wants, too).

You’ll get to remove old hurts, learn how to be your best self self with a man, and relate with him in a way that allows for the love and connection you both want.

Note: both the Man and Personal Mastery Modules are prerequisites in order to participate in Relationship Mastery.

These modules are designed to build from one to the next, although your commitment is only to the one you’re in; if you don’t want to continue, or want to wait to do the next one at a later point, that’s totally fine.

The Details

There are a total of eight group calls, two per month: first there is the topic call, where I dive into the juicy info, and then the second call is to deepen your understanding of what we covered in the first call and answer questions.  (All the calls are recorded, in case you have to miss any – and, of course, to listen to as many times as you want.)

In addition, every woman in the module gets a total of four private coaching calls with me, to help you apply what we’re working on in any part of your personal or professional life.

The Personal Mastery module launches on September 11th!

The call schedule: Monday nights – 8:30 to 9:30p (ET) – the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month: 9/11, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/13, 11/17, 12/11 and we’ll all decide as a group when to have our final call – it won’t be on 12/25.  (-:

The four private coaching calls are scheduled as you need during the course of the module.

Your investment in personal mastery: $540 if paid in full (10% discount), or four payments of $150 (every 30 days)

Pay in full, [click here]

Payment plan, [click here]

I’m very excited to be launching this program, bringing you the very best of what I’ve learned over many years.

Here’s to your divine love, and to mastery!





P.S.  This program will free you from things that have been holding you back from having the love you really want.  I hope you’ll join us!






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