Right Lifetime Mate

How to End Up With Your RIGHT Lifetime Mate

And stop all the yuck with the wrong men!

This powerful two-day workshop, changing women’s lives for almost 20 years, has helped so many women end up in scrumptious, successful relationships…even though many of those women had YEARS of failures with men before coming to the seminar, and very little faith that anything would work!

“Thanks to you and your amazing work I broke my wall down and met my Mr. Wonderful.  Feel free to use this picture as proof that your work does wonders. I thought I was a hopeless case.” – Lisa P, MA (this note was sent along with her wedding photo, where you see her and her husband on the beach, both with beaming smiles!)

“Illuminating, energizing and uplifting!” – Catherine K, MA

“Thank you so much for an incredible weekend!  I have learned so much and I am putting it into practice every day.  You’re an amazing person!” – Beth B, CA

What did they get in two days that they hadn’t had before?

In a word: clarity.

Relationships with men work WAY better when you get clear about:

  • who you are

  • who he is

  • who you are together

  • what’s been keeping you from having it so far

Too many women walk around with some (or all) of those not figured out, while dating and falling in love with – and marrying – men.

Boy, was that ever true about me, when I met and married my 1st husband (poor guy!).  I chose him based on chemistry, which then became love, but I had nothing grounding me, or guiding me (or us).  I had no foundation.

We didn’t have a relationship; we had a reaction-ship!

He was a good man, just not a great fit for me.  We were married for five years.  I was pissed off for about 4-1/2 of them.  (Which of course we know means that I was actually in pain…)

“What a great workshop.  Karen does a masterful job of leading us to uncover our deepest desires and to bring down the wall that closes us off.” – Sue, MA

Your heart is way too tender to be involved with men who can’t go the distance, can’t give you what you want, and (ultimately) add yet another layer of hurt and fear that will stand between you and a good man.

No matter what your history, you can have a different future.

“I wanted to share with you that I’ve met someone!! His name is Mark.  He asked me out right after our wonderful weekend. Thank you Karen!” – Beth, CA

“This workshop is fabulous! Karen’s support was spot-on helpful.” – Jane, MA

“All my relationships seem richer.” – Trish, CA

(Hey, if I can go from relationships that were disastrous, to a divine 20-year marriage with Craig, who is the most fabulous man for me, you can get there, too…and what I teach you in this workshop is how I did it!).

If you feel ready to create the relationship you really want, this workshop is for you.

“I can’t thank you enough for the impact you’re having on my life and in my world.” – Rosemary, CA

Some of what we’ll be doing together:

  • You’ll learn what you’ve been doing with men that’s been messing you up (and a lot about men and what works with them);
  • There will be time to release past hurts and painful experiences (so you can be freed-up to love and be loved);
  • You will be creating what I call your “Blueprint” (the combination of the things you need in a man, in a relationship, and in your life, so you can be happy);
  • Uncovering unhelpful attitudes, beliefs and expectations (about you, about men, and about dating) and replacing them with ones that are more empowering (and more true!);
  • Exploring what is great and wonderful about you, just as you are (self-confidence is critical to having a scrumptious relationship!);
  • Creating a plan for the future that will have you in action once you leave (because that’s where your results will happen!)
  • and more…

“I appreciate and find so valuable that I left the workshop with tools and materials that I can use myself, post-workshop.  An added bonus is I met a great community of women.” – Susan, Boston MA

The details:

Date: TBA

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Location: TBA (the full scoop provided when you register)

Tuition: $349, or two equal payments (30 days apart) of $175

Click here to pay in full
Click here for the 2-payment option

“Karen’s programs are always pertinent because she possesses such a rare and unique combination of skills and talents.” – Amy, Newburyport MA

I look forward to spending a life-changing – and fun! – weekend together.

“Last weekend was fantastic.  Your workshop is a gift.  I feel overall more positive, optimistic and also compassionate. Perhaps lighter. Not just about men.” – Sarah, CA

Here’s to having that great love in your life!






P.S.  If you don’t think the workshop was worth your time and your moolah, I will refund your money.  What have you got to lose?

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