Right Man, Wrong Timing?

Dear Karen, I am in love with a man I want to be with so badly.  He’s the best guy I’ve ever been with (and I’ve known many).  He’s not completely done with his divorce, and it’s pretty ugly between them right now.  They’ve got kids they’re fighting over, and they...

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He Does Not Know How to Commit

Karen, I’ve met a man I am pretty excited about – I’ve dated SO many men over the last few years, and he seems to have everything I’m looking for.  That’s the great news.  Now, the one little “red flag”, which is why I’m writing, is that he’s in his early 50s, and has...

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Can He Change His Mind and Commit?

Dear Karen, I’ve been dating a man for the past couple of months, and I’m crazy about him.  I’ve never connected with someone so well, or so deeply.  My only issue is that he’s told me that he is not interested in being in a committed relationship (he’s just gotten...

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