He's Out of Work, You're Out of Patience

Dear Karen,  My partner has been unemployed for a few months now, and has basically moved in with me.  I don’t feel financially strained to have him here, but I'm running out of patience.  I don’t think he is working hard enough to get a job.  I need him to support me...

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Set Him Up To Succeed

Dear Karen,  It’s that time of year again – my husband will invariably get me something I don’t want for Christmas, and ignore what I’ve told him I do want.  Again.  It wasn’t always like this…for the first few years, he tried to listen and to give me what I wanted. ...

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What’s Wrong With My Husband?

Hi, Karen,  I hope you can help me with this, because I’m at my wits’ end.  If I have to trip over the over-full trash one more time, I’ll scream!  What is wrong with my husband that he doesn’t do this one frickin’ simple job, when it needs to be done?  Why do I have...

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