safe online dating

What Are You Focusing On?

Hi Karen, I have an online dating pet peeve: men who send an email that simply says "how are you?" and nothing else.  Or men who clearly don't read your profile and what you're looking for and write to you anyway even though the deal-breakers are obvious (such as...

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To Online Date, Or Not

Dear Karen, I have just gotten back into the dating scene, after a long-term relationship that didn’t work out.  I would like to know what other vehicles you would recommend for meeting men (other than online dating, which I do NOT want to do).  Thank you for any help...

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Online Dating – Have Fun, Be Safe

Dear Karen, I’ve heard that the guys doing online dating are not the type of men you want to be with.  It makes me nervous about putting myself out there.  Should I just find other ways to meet men? – Tracy, AZ Hi, Tracy, I’m a huge fan of online dating, so let me...

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