Tap Your Way to Freedom

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or, as it’s most often called, “Tapping“, is an amazingly simple, and incredibly powerful, way to free yourself from beliefs, fears, pains, thoughts…really, anything that keeps you from feeling free to be your best self.

I first learned about it back in 2005, when I took my first EFT class.  Since then, I’ve learned from many masters, and have spent hours doing EFT on myself (it saved me when we had to put down our beloved dog, Willie), my loved ones, and my clients, with amazing results.

In fact, just the other day, I helped my wonderful hubby Craig because he was feeling anxious (he’s going in for surgery in a few days); we tapped for – maybe? – three minutes, and he went from feeling nervous about the whole thing, to laughing. (I can’t promise those exact results for everyone…but wanted to share a story about how well, and quickly, this technique typically works.)

So, what the heck is this tapping thing, you may ask?

It’s based on ancient Chinese medicine – acupuncture, actually – and works with the body’s energy system. No needles, though.  (Phew, right?)

I was talking with a good friend, and she suggested that I offer EFT as a stand-alone product, rather than only doing it with clients when something comes up during a coaching session.  I’ve done many tapping sessions with her, and she was pretty insistent that I make it available to more people, because it’s so incredibly effective.

So, here you go…

If you’ve got something that is gnawing away at you – really, anything at all – and is interfering with your ability to feel as good as you want to feel, then you really ought to try it.

Here’s the deal:

One EFT session, which I will record so you’ll have the audio to use over and over again, only $50 (I can’t say exactly how long our session would be, but probably in the neighborhood of 15 – 20 minutes)

To sign up for a Tapping session with me, [click here] to pay, and I’ll connect with you to set up our session.

Here’s to your emotional freedom!



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