The Trouble with Valentine's Day

The Trouble with Valentine’s Day

If you’re like most women (from my observations), you can get yourself fairly worked up leading up to Valentine’s Day…and the media sure does throw gas on that fire!   Note: If you’re a woman who doesn’t get emotionally hooked by this “Hallmark holiday”, you may want to share this with any friends who do succumb to it.

If V-day is a big deal for you, you’ve probably had at least a few disappointing experiences in your life, as you’ve hoped for some wonderful gesture of love and devotion from a man, only to have him come up empty-handed (or what was in his hand was not even close to what you wanted!).

Or you’ve lamented your single status as all these (apparently) blissed-out couples clean out the inventory of chocolate, roses, and jewelry in the entire area.

So how do you deal with this annual angst leading up to February 14th?  How can you deal with the pressure so many gals feel to be in a relationship on this day?

This year, I have a suggestion for you: give yourself the gift of love for Valentine’s Day.

Stop expecting some man to come into your life with some worthy-of-a-romance-novel way to tell you how much he loves you.

The pressure of that expectation – on you, and on those poor, unsuspecting, and often ill-equipped men!  Yikes!

Before you go crazy on me, I am NOT saying that you shouldn’t ever have a man show you that he loves you, or have a special day to honor the wonderful woman that you are.

What I am saying is that there’s a great way to make sure you have what you want on that day, and that is to plan it for yourself.

Yup, plan it for yourself.  Quit waiting for that guy to do it for you.  He’d probably try hard and still not get it right, anyway!

And don’t kid yourself, by the way – there are many men (dare I say the majority?) out there who absolutely dread V-day.  They’d love to see the entire day disappear forever.

So take responsibility for creating what you want – which is really to have an experience of being loved, right?

What do you suppose would happen if you turned Valentine’s Day into a day that’s all about loving yourself?  What would you do?

How about some of these goodies:

•    spend the day at a spa, being completely pampered;
•    go shopping with your best girlfriends to buy yourself something that made you feel exquisitely gorgeous;
•    go away for the weekend with your best girlfriend and relax;
•    go to a yoga retreat;
•    stay home in your jammies, eating luscious foods and watching great movies…

These are just some ideas…but you get the point?  What would be the best way for you to get what you’re seeking, which is to feel love?

If you think there’s something to this, and you decide to give it a try, I’d love to hear about your experience.

If, instead, you think I’ve lost my mind, I’d love to hear from you, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day.