It’s possible to have what you want!

(When you have the right kind of help and partnership, that is…)

These days, there’s a coach to help you with just about anything you could possibly want in your life.

There isn’t a successful person in the world who doesn’t have their “secret weapon” to make sure they stay on track (or get back there).

It’s just plain smart.

But in the world of love, where so few of us have had great role models in an area of life that impacts our quality of life more than anything else, we try to go it alone based on what we think is going to work (or worse…go by our feelings).

Eek!  What a bad plan.

Having a coach who has a successful track record – including personal success in the area you want to get help with – will:

  • Help you know yourself better, and make better decisions that support your ability to live a life you love;
  • Keep you from wasting your precious time being with men who can’t give you what you want, through learning who the right men are, and how to identify them ;
  • Ensure that you’re better at communicating your authentic self, so the men who show up are a better fit for you, by developing trust and acceptance of who you really are;
  • Protect you from unnecessary pain and suffering by having increased self-confidence and effective boundaries;
  • Stop you from making mistakes once you’ve found that great man, so you can keep growing, loving, and living the life you want, by learning what really works with men;

And so much more…

There are two options for coaching:

1-on-1 (by phone or Skype)

Individual coaching (over a short or extended period of time), may be your best option if you want personalized attention and guidance.  Our work is scheduled based on your needs: weekly, bi-weekly or whatever serves you best.


This is a great option for you if you appreciate community, group learning, know you want/need coaching and have a budget you’re working within.

I offer complimentary “Get Acquainted’ calls to get to know each other and see if there’s a fit between us.

To schedule a call, please email me:

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!


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