Bootcamp Coaching Group

Getting Your Foundation RIGHT:
a Bootcamp Coaching Group for Women
who Want to Manifest a Great Love…and FAST!

If you’re a woman who intends to have the love of your life…

…and sooner, rather than later!…

…then you’re in the right place.

There may be women out there who are taking their time, experiencing one disastrous relationship after another, repeating patterns and getting more and more discouraged by the day…

…but that’s not you!

You want to figure it out, get it right, and get it right NOW.

There are predictable outcomes in life, based on simple truths…in all aspects of life.

Well, in the area of romantic partnerships, there are three essential, critically-important foundations that all successful relationships are built on:

Having a great relationship with yourself (after all, you will attract who you ARE, not who you
Having a great relationship with men (all men…in general – how you feel about them, what you
expect from them, etc.);
Having (and using!) your “Blueprint” to build the lifetime relationship you want with a great man
for you. (You must know the things you require, the life you must create, and who you are
together, so that you can be sure that when you end up in that relationship, it’s going to stand
the test of time and still make you happy).

For the past 15 years, I’ve been working with women who want it, and want it fast.  I LOVE to see how quickly things can shift, and how fabulous it is to see a woman’s whole dating life turn on a dime, and become a place of empowerment, respect, growth – oh, and way more fun than ever.

(True confession: although I love ALL my clients – wherever they are, and whatever their pace/level of commitment – the ones who want to move fast are the most fun kind of women to work with!)

Imagine getting to a place where you’re:

feeling great about who you are and what you have to offer the right man, and seeing
that men (everywhere) are responding to your confidence…
dating with lots of self-trust, knowing that the men you’ll be spending time with are great
candidates for the relationship you really want…

Okay, so what is this already, right????

It’s a 90-day coaching program, where:

we have a total of six (6) bi-weekly 60-minute group calls (recorded in case you can’t make any of
you have one extra private 30-minute coaching call, to be used when it best serves you during
the bootcamp
there are assignments to be completed in between calls, so that you get the most benefit
there are buddy relationships to take advantage of (and lifetime friendships to create!)
you have email access to me throughout the program

When is it?


Who this Bootcamp Coaching Group is for:

You’re no longer okay with things the way they are…you’re not okay keeping the
status-quo – you are motivated!
Your attitude about men is either already okay, or if it’s not, you’re committed
to changing it
You know you’ll follow through on things you say you’ll do

Your investment in having a rock solid foundation for the love of your life:

Click here to pay the EARLY REGISTRATION SPECIAL in full: $297 (only until Monday, xx at midnight – then it will go up to $397)

Click here for the EARLY REGISTRATION SPECIAL payment plan: $120 x 3 payments total, processed every 30 days (1st one today) – (only until Monday, xx at midnight – then it will go up to $150 x 3 payments)

My personal guarantee: Participate fully for the first two weeks of the Bootcamp.  If you’ve been doing all the work and you don’t feel that this is worth your investment, I will refund 100% of your money!

I’m really looking forward to an amazing experience, with an incredible group of powerful women, and to celebrating the strong foundations for the love of your life that each of you will have as a result of our journey together!

Love and success,


P.S. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, what have you got to lose?

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