Your Blueprint for a Scrumptious Lifetime Love

A powerful, time-tested program for women who are done with choosing the wrong men…who are ready to end up with a wonderful man, feeling confident in themselves and their choices.

Have you had it with ending up with the wrong man, over and over again?

I know the pain. I know the frustration. I know the self-doubt.

I even know what it’s like to question if it’s even possible to have the kind of love most of us yearn for.

My “picker” was set on “repeat” for a certain type of man, but I didn’t really get that was what I was doing; I launched myself into the next relationship with (almost) as much enthusiasm as the last one (but you know how it is…each one took a chunk out of my self-confidence, leaving less of me for the next round).

After years of doing the same thing, and expecting it to turn out the way I wanted (the definition of insanity, right?), I finally hit my wall.

I was divorced, living with a man, and realized that every single one of my relationships felt the exact same.

And I realized that there was one common denominator: me.

Boy, that lit a fire under my ass that had me dive deeply into learning how not to get divorced again (my lofty goal back in 1990). I was going to figure it out, and end up in my “happily ever after” story.

As I immersed myself in my education, I saw that what I was dealing with wasn’t just my “stuff” – it was a universal story for us women (by the way, it’s also an issue for men…):

We use the wrong criteria for choosing who we give our hearts to.

“I’m so glad I took your program. I never let go of my Blueprint and kept it in my head on every date I went on. Two months ago… I met an amazing man who I have no doubt is my soulmate. We have met each other’s kids and families! We couldn’t be happier and I can’t thank you enough for teaching me so much!” – Lisa, MA (They are married now!)

The common things driving our choices for who to be with:

  • looks/chemistry/attraction
  • financial security
  • biological clock
  • family/friend pressure
  • being wanted by them/being pursued
  • fear that it won’t/can’t get any better
  • making up for a (perceived) personal lack (popularity, status, education, intelligence, etc.)

If you see anything familiar in one (or more) of these, there are lots of reasons that we use these as the reasons for being with someone, and it’s important to have compassion and understanding for what drives us.

It’s also important to break the patterns, or they will repeat. Over and over.

Enough!  (Or, at least I hope that’s where you’ve gotten to!)

You have a precious heart that wants to love, and to be loved in return, and to bask in that for the rest of your life.

You deserve that!

But you do have some work to do so that your foundation is right.

“This is such a wonderful tool you’re offering women! I am so thankful you were there to help me in my process. Your wisdom and some critical pointers in the blueprint process were key in me knowing Marc was a great match for me. Thank you!! XO” – Wendy, CA (They are married now!)

There are three essential, critically-important foundations that all successful relationships are built on:

  1. Having a great relationship with yourself (after all, you will attract who you ARE, not who you want);
  2. Having a great relationship with men (all men, in general – how you feel about them, what you expect from them, etc.);
  3. Having (and using!) your “Blueprint” to build the lifetime relationship you want with a great man – for you.  You must know the things you require, the life you must create, and who you are together, so that you can trust that when you end up in that relationship, it’s going to stand the test if time and make you happy.

If you don’t figure out what your Blueprint is, I would go so far as to say that you’re in grave danger of never ending up with a man who is truly a great partner for your lifetime.  You’re just way too likely to use selection criteria that is ultimately going to have you choose a man who is not good for you.

Bold statement?  Yup.

Have I seen it play out over and over and over again with women?  Yup!

By the way, everything I’ll have you doing in this program I’ve done myself.  When I figured out what my Blueprint was, presto!…there was Craig, the love of my life (and husband, since 1994)!



This stuff WORKS!



I LOVE to see how quickly things can shift.  How fabulous it is to see a woman’s whole dating life turn on a dime, and become a place of empowerment, respect, growth – oh, and way more fun than ever.

Imagine getting to a place where you’re:

  • Feeling great about who you are, what you have to offer the right man, and seeing that men (everywhere) are responding to your confidence
  • Trusting that that the men you’ll be spending time with are great candidates for what you really want in your life.
  • Unstoppable!

“I took your classes, and felt, ‘She’s not talking to me with all that hope. I’m old, I’m fat, it’s over!’  Still, I put my picture up on, and wrote my profile as if I was writing to the exact person I wanted to find. I was almost to the end of the sixth month when I started communicating with Peter. That was in January.

Today he asked me to marry him. 

Who knew anyone existed with all those qualifications? To answer my own question, YOU DID! You told me he was out there, and taught me how to find him. 

I can never thank you enough.” – V.A.

Program description:

  • There are five (5) weekly 60-minute Zoom program calls (all recorded)
  • You get one (1) 30-minute private coaching call with me (to be used during the program when needed)
  • Assignments to be completed in between calls, so you get the most benefit from the program
  • You’re in a group of like-minded women to deepen your experience (and create friendships as a result!)

This Blueprint Program is for you if:

  • You’re no longer okay with things the way they are – you are motivated!
  • Your attitude about men is either already okay, or, if not, you’re committed to changing it for the better.
  • You know you’ll follow through on what you say you’ll do (so important for a relationship!)

If that doesn’t describe where you are right now (which is fine, of course), then this won’t be the right time for you to participate.


The Zoom program calls are on Mondays from 6p to 7p (ET).

The next program dates: 3/28, 4/4, 4/11, 4/18 and 4/25

Your investment in having a rock solid foundation for the love of your life: $195 (And if you need to make a payment arrangement, please let me know – don’t let money get in the way, okay?)

If you’re in, YAY YOU! Just email me and I’ll send you payment info:

My personal guarantee: Participate fully for the first two weeks of the program.  If you’ve been doing all the work and you don’t feel that this is worth your investment, I will give you a 100% refund!

I’m really looking forward to an amazing experience, with an incredible group of powerful women, and to celebrating your journey along the way!

Love and success,





P.S. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, what have you got to lose?

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