Strap your boots on, Babe – we’re goin’ for a ride!!

Excellent decision to join the group…bravo to you!

Here’s the info you need:

Our meeting schedule – all Mondays, all in Winchester (for the first four months – we’ll need to find alternate meeting dates for July and August).

We’ll meet from 7:30p until 9:15p – and please make sure you’re well fed and watered before you arrive.  (-:

Here’s the address:

200 Swanton Street, Unit #430, Winchester MA (we’re meeting in one of the Babe’s homes: Mindy Isaacs – here’s her number, if you need to reach her: (781) 729-2421)

Meeting dates:

March 7th, April 4th, May 2nd, June 6th – and we’ll figure out July and August at our first meeting.

In addition to the monthly group meeting, you also get one private coaching call per month, which we can schedule at our meetings, or you can call me to get them on our calendars.

Here’s to a most extraordinary time together!



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