Fast Track to Love

Attention: Single women who are tired of manifesting success
in every part of your life EXCEPT with men – this program is for you.

Are you ready to have the love you want – with a man who’s a great fit for you?

(If you said “Yes!”, keep reading…)

Fast Track to Love
(a six-month program to manifest your love)

How to Experience Wildly Successful Dating
and End Up With Your RIGHT Lifetime Mate!

Listen to Louise talk about it:
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Here’s what Terry had to say about the program:

“The coaching calls with Karen have changed my life – my feelings about myself, men and dating.
I have learned what beliefs have held me back from having a truly loving and satisfying relationship with a  man.  I feel more confident about myself and clear about what kind of man and relationship I am looking for. Karen is a great teacher and coach, guiding us each step of the way with clarity and tremendous support.  And I have recently met a man who really cares about me and accepts me for who I am.  What more could I ask for?”
~ Terry M., Newton MA

Does your relationship history look like Mary’s, or like Sally’s?

Mary spent years in a relationship with the wrong man, trying hard to get him to commit to her.  It didn’t work, and now, in hindsight, she sees that he was actually never a man she could have been happy with; he just was not a fit for who she is.  She’s pretty bummed out about the chunk of her life she spent with the wrong guy.

Sally has been with quite a number of men she has been powerfully attracted to initially, but each one, after a while, has turned out to be a huge disappointment.  She doesn’t understand why this keeps happening to her…and she really wants to figure it out.

Does one of those descriptions sound like your own romantic history, or is yours a little different from theirs?

=> Maybe you got hurt once, at a young and vulnerable age, and haven’t been willing to try again.

=> Or do you feel like you’re putting yourself out there, and aren’t attracting anyone – at all?

Here’s the bottom line…whatever your particular experience with love has been, do you want to change what you’ve been experiencing so far?

“Thanks again for helping me not only figure out what I wanted in a man, but for helping me become the woman that could bring him into my life.  I am eternally grateful!” – Michelle, CO

Would you like to have more fun meeting men, dating them, and ultimately choosing a man who is a great fit for you?
(even if you’re pretty sure it’s not possible…for you)

I know what you’re going through – my past was littered with relationship disasters…for years, actually.

I experienced lots of heartache, frustration, and, frankly, quite a bit of self-doubt.

I questioned whether it was just my destiny to be alone for the rest of my life, “serial dating”
and getting nowhere.

Thankfully, I did learn – it took years, but I did figure out some critically important things along the way,
and have been happily married to Craig since 1994 – the most wonderful man on the planet (for me!).

In fact, even though I have gotten lots of training along the way, one of the most valuable things I offer
women is that my methods are not the theoretical advice of someone who’s always been successful in love (as rare a person as that would be!).

In fact, I have spent years doing just about every disastrous thing you can do in a relationship with a man:

I’ve been with every type of unavailable man (workaholic, married, substance abuser,
emotional train-wreck – that last one describes my ex-husband)
I’ve sent good men packing (after all, I felt NO attraction to them because they were
too “nice”!)
I’ve behaved in ways that were totally unrelated to my essence, in order to attract men
(who were, of course, not a fit for me…at all!).


The good news is, I responded to my long pattern of mistakes by finally dedicating myself to learning what I was doing to sabotage myself.

And over the course of years – recovering from heartbreaks, and sometimes even being tempted to swear off men “for good” (yeah, right!) – I discovered an approach to love that was not only more successful, but way more empowering to my self-esteem, and was – not to mention – way more fun!

If you can see yourself in any of the above scenarios, I am telling you that it can be completely different for you.  (Hey, if I could do it, so can you!)

If You Want To:

be more effective with the whole dating experience
create/have an online dating presence that works
have fun…actually enjoy dating
attract men who are a much better match for what you want
trust yourself to manage things successfully (keep going/end things, and know which
is right)
learn how to avoid things that mess you up with men (intimacy, dependence/independence,
fears and insecurities from your past, asking for what you want, and much more…)
and many other things that will undoubtedly come up over our time together…

I don’t want you to take as long as I did to figure it out!

You do want to get there sooner, rather than later, right?

Then this six-month “Fast Track to Love” coaching program is your place to be!

“I have gotten so much out of your classes in such a short period of time.
Thank you.” – Melissa, MA

“Karen had lots to do with getting me “ready” for the love of my life! Ten years later,
I am still super grateful for her good work!” – Laura Gillis

I thoroughly enjoyed the Fast Track program!  I found it so helpful to hear other women expressing
the same fears but also the same desires that I have.  The program was a combination of having
an awesome coach and the calls were very powerful!  They have helped me reveal, from soup to
nuts, what I need to focus on to achieve the relationships of my dreams! – Sunny, NY

What You Can Expect:

Renewed hope, enthusiasm and energy
A completely revamped dating experience, where you get to enjoy it all, and have
better men to spend time with, evaluate, and ultimately choose
A great group of women to share the journey with
Expert guidance and support, so you can feel confident that your success is virtually


Come join this “Fast Track to Love” program beginning on Monday, April 29th, and come away a whole new woman, and with a whole new experience, in the world of love and romance!

The details:

Two one-hour group calls per month (all recorded) where we will get into the nitty-gritty of
what it takes to be successful on the path to the right relationship for you (total of 12 calls)
Two one-hour open coaching calls per month (in the weeks where we don’t have a scheduled call)
where you can bring your dating questions for laser coaching (total of 12 calls)
Email access to me for quick coaching on issues that may be coming up over the six month
program (oh, by the way, they will!)
A group of like-minded women who are sharing the journey to the relationships they want, and
will be great buddies for the duration of the group (and perhaps even beyond, as a result!).

All the calls are on Monday nights at 8:30p (ET), beginning on April 29th.  The entire schedule will be in the details you’ll get when you register.

(…and keep in mind that they’re recorded, so if you have to miss a call, you can listen to it at your convenience later on!)

Stop wishing you could be more successful at finding true love, and learn how to actually make it happen for yourself!  Join us for this wonderful, fascinating and life-changing mastermind experience and get ready to end up with a man who is a divine fit for your divine self.

“I can always count on you to be dead-on, and to have the experience and grace to say what I need to hear in a supportive way.  Again, thanks for your contributions and your expert, kick-ass coaching.” – Judie, NY

Have it finally work this time!

The list of bonuses you get as a member of the program:

1) The transcript of my interviews of men, who spill the beans on what works with them in relationship.  Get the scoop right from the horses’ mouths!  (Value: priceless!)

2) My highly-acclaimed book, “Men are Great”, in ebook format. This book has changed so many lives, through shifting perspective about men, and through helping women be more effective with all men.

3) My popular ebook, “The Surefire Guide to Getting What You Need from Men”.  A quick guide to really receiving what men have to give…and want to! (Value: $19.95)

My “You Can’t Go Wrong!” Guarantee

If, within the first 30 days – after doing all the work and following all the
coaching – you don’t feel that this is worth your investment, I will refund your
money.  Period.  Simply call or email me at the end of that month, and I’ll mail
you a refund within 48 hours.

“There is NO WAY I could have gotten to this place, Miss Karen, without your all your amazing help, support, encouragement, homework, humor, positive attitude and energy.” – Margie, MA (announcing her engagement)

Your investment in yourself, and to (finally) having that relationship you’ve always wanted:

Click the heart to register now for the full-pay option ($895)

Click the heart to register now for the 6-pay option ($160 every 30 days)

Once you register with either option, you’ll be sent all the information you need!

I’m looking forward to an extremely successful, amazing, fabulous, fun and inspiring six months with you!

Wishing you great love in your life,


P.S.  What’s it worth to you to finally have the loving relationship you long for?
Join the Fast Track to Love Coaching Group and be on your way!

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