Finish Strong

Want to finish 2014 feeling great?

Do you have that common issue in the way of that?

You know…the “start strong, fade out” habit?

Have you found yourself doing it over and over again – and each time,
you swear you’re going to do it differently

…only to find yourself in that same situation – and feeling the same way…again?

It’s so wearing on your spirit, isn’t it?  Not to mention your inspiration…

Here’s the scoop:

Not doing what we say we’re going to do is murder on our self-esteem.

And every time we don’t follow through, it takes even more energy to start
something new, or to commit to something we want to have/be/do.

We hear that inner voice…

…you know the voice?  The one that says: “Oh, yeah…sure you’re going to do that!
Just like every other time, right?” (Or something equally nasty!)

How sick of that voice are you?

If you want to wrap up 2014 feeling fabulous about yourself, and kick off 2015 already kicking butt, give yourself this gift.

Do what you said you’d do.

Or, if it really is too late to accomplish something you intended to do this year (and don’t be too quick to quit on it!), how about making a new deal with yourself and letting it go, rather than having it drag your spirit and your self-worth down?

What do you want to be celebrating at the end of the year?

  • a daily habit (exercise, writing, food-related, etc.)
  • decluttering some part of your life
  • debt-reduction/elimination
  • new job/launch job search
  • dating actively
  • turn something around in your marriage that’s been troubling you
  • (Or at least be ready to ramp something up for 2015…)

This program will help you:

  • (re)connect with your intentions, and why they matter to you
  • map out the concrete steps to take, so you feel successful by the end
  • develop more self-compassion and acceptance
  • have some fun in the process!

The details:

  • Three (3) Program calls (on Mondays at 8p ET): 10/6, 11/3 and 12/1
  • One (1) Completion/celebration call 12/29 at 8p ET
  • Two (2) “Open Coaching” calls (on Saturdays at 11 a.m. ET): 10/18 and 11/15
  • One (1) Private coaching call, to be used by the end of the program

Your investment in yourself and finishing this year feeling strong: $347 if you pay in full, or three payments (30 days apart) of $120 each

I’ve intentionally made it a complete no-brainer, so that if you want to get help to finish the year strong, you could easily join us for the adventure!

And as always, if you don’t think this was worth your investment, I’ll refund all your money.

I hope you’ll join us.  You’ve got nothing to lose!

[Click here] to pay in full

[Click here] to pay the payment plan

Even if you’re someone who struggles with believing in yourself because of some of the choices you’ve made in the past, what if you get that spark in this program to change it for the better?

And because the calls will be recorded, you won’t miss a thing – no matter what’s going on in your life!

If you’re ready to finish strong, and be proud of yourself, I’ll “see” you on Monday, October 6th!

Love and success,





P.S. I’m looking forward to having you have lots to celebrate as we wrap up 2014!

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