30 Days to a GREAT Online Profile!

Online Dating is Awesome!

But only if you do it right…

You hear stories, don’t you?  You know people who are dating, or have married, partners they met online.

You’ve also heard (experienced?) awful stories (and I won’t list all the possible variations on them, because I don’t want you focusing on what you don’t want, but rather on what you do want!).

What does it take to do a profile right?

THE first thing: you gotta know what you want in a man, and one of the things that takes is knowing and accepting who you are.

If you’re here, I’m guessing that part is handled.  (If not, you want to check out my Blueprint program!)

So once that part is in place (and good for you that you’ve done what work!), the next thing is to be able to clearly convey who you are, and who you’re interested in meeting, so that your profile is the first tool to efficiently screen right-fit-for-you men in, and not-a-fit-for-you men out.

It’s such an important aspect of being successful with online dating, and yet, what I see WAY too often, is women who’ve thrown something together that basically screams:

“It’s not going to work anyway, so why bother?”

You may even have thought to yourself “30 days to a great profile?????”  That’s sooooo long!

I had a client who came to me pulling her hair out because she wanted to meet a man so badly, and yet was having terrible, spirit-crushing results online.  We worked on her profile for a few weeks (yup, a few weeks).  There were moments when I thought I was going to lose her to her impatient “I need it now” mentality.  But, to her credit, she trusted me and the process, and a few weeks later, she was ready to “launch” herself.  And (no surprise to me), she was dating several eligible bachelors within a couple of weeks.  She picked the winner out of that pack, and they’ve been happily married for a couple of years.

And in case you’re thinking things like “she must have been a hottie”, or “she had more going for her than I do”, or any of that other B.S. you’ve been telling yourself for WAY too long, she had a few of what would be considered “strikes” against her: age, weight, and profession typically considered the opposite of “man-magnet” material.

So you have no excuses, woman!  If she could do it, so can you.

What is this program?

In the space of one month, you’ll:

  • polish your Blueprint so you are crystal clear about who that right man is.  (We will not be doing the work to create it – that is done over a few weeks, in the Blueprint program)
  • establish helpful beliefs, attitudes and expectations about it all (and of course, ditch the ones that aren’t so helpful…)
  • work on the content of the essay so that you’re “showing“, not “telling”, men who you are.
  • be working on having fabulous photos (don’t even bother being online without them – they count for at least 90% of your results!).
  • choose the site you want to launch yourself on, and have your profile be 100% fabulous and a representation of who you are.
  • “go live” and enjoy the fruits of your labors!

The details:

There are three one-hour calls, all Tuesday nights at 7:30p ET (there is homework in between the calls):

Next dates TBD

Your investment in having an online profile that kicks butt (click on the right option for you):

Pay in full: $139

Payment plan (2 payments, 30 days apart): $70 each

I look forward to helping you take full advantage of the awesome things that are possible with a great online dating profile!







P.S. Imagine the fun you’ll have, attracting men who fit your Blueprint, and enjoying the online dating experience!  I want that for you!

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