The Scrumptious Marriage

Do you long for more intimacy, more connection, and more plain old-fashioned romance in your marriage?

The Scrumptious Marriage

Does it feel like the spark that used to make you tingle, and the fun you used to have together have been replaced by a steady stream of conversations like:

“I’m too tired, honey…maybe some other time.”
“I’ve got to drive one of the kids to ___.  All I am is a chauffeur!”
“Didn’t I just clean that?!?”
“I’m almost finished with this, and then I’ll be right there.”
“Uh-oh!  It was our anniversary?  I forgot!”
“Wow…when did you stop caring about how you look?”
“The bills keep piling up – I’m so stressed!”
“Your mother called…to criticize…again!”
fill in whatever is the current “hot button”/love-buster for you…

If you see yourself somewhere on this list, you are NOT alone!

Women everywhere are sad, frustrated, confused, and giving up the hope of having the marriage they wanted when they said “I do!” on the most important day of their lives.

It’s not you!

It’s also not your husband.

First of all, who’s been taught how to have a loving, respectful, supportive, communicative, scrumptious marriage?

Sadly, I’ve never met anyone who had any kind of role modeling that really worked.

Add to the less-than-helpful training we’ve gotten, all the things pulling at us today, demanding our time and attention, and it’s a wonder anyone survives marriage!

There are more stresses and challenges putting pressure on people and their marriages than in previous generations, when things were a bit simpler (not easy…they had their issues, too, but in our time what marriages face can be like issues-on-steroids!)

And we all know that’s not going to change…

What’s The Solution?

Take back the reins of your marriage, and decide you’re no longer settling for how things have been going!  Take the initiative, and get the information and tools you need to build the marriage you’ve always wanted.  It’s simpler and more do-able than you think!

Don’t let old habits, the economy, the family, the errands, and/or built-up hurts and resentments keep derailing your marriage from “the road to bliss”…and steering it toward “the road to hell!”

No matter what has happened – or what is going on now – you can turn things around, and, as many women have found, more quickly than you could imagine.

What women are saying about this program:

Before I started this group, I wasn’t sure if my marriage was going to make it.  I felt like the challenges we were facing were just too big to overcome.  I had tried lots of things before – this was a “last-ditch effort”.  Even though one of our issues was money, I decided to invest in the program anyway.
I loved having concrete assignments, having a focus to put my attention on, and I got so much from the other women in the group.  I had a place to turn to get grounded, to feel hope, and to get encouragement to keep going.
I am so happy to report that not only did our marriage do a pretty dramatic turn-around (so much so that my husband was helping me with my homework!), but an unexpected thing also happened: I realized that I was going to be fine, no matter what.  My fear turned to confidence.  This program gave me more than I could have expected, and I am so grateful.” – Cari, Toronto

You have helped me make changes in my life that are priceless.  My life has been enhanced in so many positive ways and I’ve become a much happier person.  Thank you.  I never truly believed that I could have the marriage of my dreams with Ben but now I see the possibilities.  Wow!  It’s as if I’ve stepped into a new book and I’m totally engrossed in it.  The old book was making me tired.” – Laura, CA


There is a Proven Path to a Scrumptious Relationship

And the great news is – you’ve already got most of the ingredients you need for success, because you’ve already experienced it, or something close to it – it’s how you were at one time.  Maybe the magic has just been hibernating a little…(or even a lot).

Maybe you’re really lucky and things are pretty good already, but you want more.  You want GREAT.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more.  Wanting more is fabulous – having a vision of the best of all worlds is part of what makes us human!

So why not have more?  And why not have it sooner, rather than later?

The time will pass anyway.  This we know…all too well, don’t we?

How many months, years (or even decades) have passed you by while you and your husband were on auto-pilot, dealing with life as it comes at you and forgetting what it was like to be really in love?

There is no time like RIGHT NOW to reverse that trend.

To take time to reconnect with what you really want, for both you and your husband…time to connect with – and finally, consciously create – what you want your marriage to be, from this point forward.

Make the decision that your marriage deserves the care, nurturing and investment of your loving, creative genius that only you can give it. And receive a steady stream of the love and inspiration you need to revive and replenish the real you, who may have been forgotten along the way.

Come be part of a group of amazing women who are – like you – committed to creating, rather than reacting…or settling.

Get the skills, perspective, inspiration and support you need to design the life and marriage you want, and follow through to make it happen (because if you already knew how to do that, you would already have done it, right?  That’s true for all of us…we simply don’t know what we don’t know!)

If you married a good man, and you just aren’t experiencing the love and closeness that you crave…or you know that your communication issues aren’t helping you have the ease and the powerful bond you want so much, I hope you’ll join us for this powerful program:

The Scrumptious Marriage

What you’ll come away with:

A renewed sense of love and intimacy between you
Connection to your best self as a woman and a wife
More effective communication about issues that come up
Your vision for your marriage (an essential tool to guide you!)
Deeper compassion – for both of you
More generosity toward yourself and your mate
Trust that you are with the most perfect man for you
New skills and habits that will bring you both more fulfillment
And knowing how to get more of your needs met by your husband!

Check out what Kim has to say:

Before I started this group, I was ready to leave him.  I had been trying to figure out how to raise my two kids by myself.  I was feeling like it was just too hard, and I didn’t want to do it any more.
I was amazed at what happened during the program.  I went from “joking” about feeding him arsenic, to feeling such love for my husband.  What I had been feeling was him not caring, and trying to hide from me, I realized was actually that he was operating from being committed to taking care of me and our children.  I really got it that all he wants to do is protect me/us, and to provide for us.  It has made things a lot easier.  Even the animals in the house are calmer!”  – Kim R., CA

I love getting emails like this…it’s so gratifying!

How The Program Works

We get together as a group for empowering monthly “Teach, Brainstorm and Celebrate” calls during which you will:

Create/enhance your compelling, unshakable vision for your marriage
Learn and put into action the most successful strategies for experiencing
satisfaction in your marriage
Gain greater clarity about the values, needs, goals and dreams you and your
husband are committed to
Get coached through any difficult areas (money, sex, parenting,
communication, work, recreation/hobbies)
Have fun!
Celebrate your successes and your brilliance every step of the way…

Then there’s a second monthly call where you’ll get a chance for some laser coaching on what’s coming up during the program.  Women find these calls to be hugely helpful; it’s amazing how much you can get done in just a few minutes, and what you can learn when another woman is getting coaching during the call.

You’ll also be encouraged to connect with each other for sharing and support between calls.

In addition to the two monthly group calls, you’ll get:

a copy of “The Surefire Guide to Getting What You Need From Men”
a list of other recommended books for you and your marriage
other goodies along the way…I’m famous for great surprises!

The monthly group calls will be held on TBA.  The entire schedule of calls will be emailed to you when you register (and all the calls are recorded, in case you have to miss any).

Is this powerful (and effective) program calling your name?

If so, act quickly, as the program is going to fill up fast!  We’re limiting the group size, to create a tight-knit, close group that really gets to know each other and bond.  We also want to make sure everyone has a chance for spotlight coaching and feedback at various points along the way on the calls.

We’ll kick off our journey together on TBA, and the calls will be (mostly) every other week from that point forward.

My “You Can’t Go Wrong!” Guarantee

If, within the first 30 days – after doing all the work and following all the
coaching – you don’t feel that this is worth your investment, I will refund
your money.  Period.  Simply call or email me at the end of that month,
and I’ll mail you a refund within 24 hours.

Your total investment in a richer, more satisfying, and happier marriage is only:

Pay in full option ($575)

Payment plan option ($100 x 6 payments)

Here’s the bottom line:

I’m passionate about women having scrumptious relationships with the men of their dreams…and we want to help you re-experience the joy of knowing you’re already married to yours!

So what do you say we take the next six months together to make sure you’re experiencing all the delicious possibilities that are there for you and your man!

Click on one of the payment options above, and start making your relationship dreams a reality!

Wishing you great satisfaction in your marriage,






P.S.  The months will pass…and fast, right?  Where do you want to be in six months?  Happily creating a life you love with your husband?  Having him appreciate and connect with you again the way he used to, and telling you how happy he is that the woman he married is back?  I hope you’ll join us for this great adventure in love!

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